Jewish Community of Estonia

The Jewish Community of Estonia was founded in 1989 as the umbrella organization that unified branches in Tallinn, Tartu, Narva and Kohtla-Järve, the Pärnu Society and smaller groups in Viljandi and Valga. The community consists of about 3000 members.

The council of 18 members (directors of branches, director of the Tallinn Jewish Gymnasium and others) guides the community. Several public and charity organizations (the youth centre, the social centre, the women's organization, clubs, language courses, etc.) function in the community.

The Tallinn Jewish Gymnasium with 247 pupils is the centre of the community. The school is situated in the building that was a property of the Jewish Gymnasium before the Soviet occupation. There is also the community library and the kindergarten group at the school. The language of education is Russian. Pupils study also Estonian, English and Hebrew. Transition to the Estonian language of education is planned for 2007. The kindergarten is partially supported by the American charity organization JOINT (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee). All so called Jewish subjects (history, tradition, Hebrew etc.) are taught by the support of Israel. The teachers of respective subjects come from Israel as well.

The community itself is also supported by JOINT. The Jewish Community of Estonia is a member of the World Jewish Congress, European Jewish Congress and the European Council of the Jewish Communities.


Chairman Cilja Laud
Address: Karu 16, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel./fax (+372) 6 438 566